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Карту дота 6 79 al

DotA 6.83d AI Map Download. Finally, the DotA community get a new update for the DotA AI map. This AI map is available for the latest official DotA map, which Dec 5, 2013 DotA 6.79 AI Map is based on DotA 6.79 that has a lot of balances made on items and heroes noticeably on Bloodseeker, Slark, Dazzle many. Finally, the developer of DotA, IceFrog, manages to shock the community by releasing DotA 6.79 earlier than expected. But, this is just the beginning!

Nov 10, 2014 . 6.81b AI new map has the content to latest DotA 6.83c Ai, a new AI Owned . It is an unoficial version of Dota Ai-maps and made by Joyj. . DotA 6.77b – Download · DotA 6.77b Ai – Download · DotA 6.79d – Download · DotA 6.78 – . 6. Petrosing ,Says: I in downloadind. April Вышла новая дота 6.79! На днях обновилась понравившаяся всем карта ДОТА! Новая версия. DotA 6.79d Download by IceFrog. Dota-Allstars 6.79d Map. Fix Skeleton King performance issue.DotA v6.79d.w3x Здесь вы всегда можете скачать последнюю карту Доты, Стабильную карту доты и последнюю. Feb 1, 2014 Download DotA v6.78c AI 1.4e.w3x · Report This Map, Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative) Tileset: Felwood Dimensions: 128x128. Название фильма: Дневник баскетболиста На английском: The Basketball Diaries Жанр: Драма, криминал. ALL-CS.net.ru. Counter-Strike портал. Моды, дополнения, программы, статьи, форум и многое другое. DotA 6.79 Map - Official DotA 6.79 Download News and Update. DotA 6.78 has just came with 2 new heroes. And as usual, IceFrog will be very likely to balance. Play with AI players on the DotA 6.81b. This is unofficial AI Title : Dota AI Map Category : Hero Defense I have question! did icefrog released 6.79 ai?? noctis.

Al дота 79 6 карту

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